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The House of Clues

                   Pirate Ghost Ship

Legend says Santa Barbara was visited by pirate ships with tales of mysterious cargo and missing crews.
Bring your mates and explore an abandoned pirate ship with a horrifying curse that still lives inside. You will have only 45 minutes before the curse turns on you!

             Psycho Dentist

Dr. Zubovski is a psycho dentist, his patients have never returned home from their appointments, but where he is and what he looks like is a mystery, that's why it has been impossible to catch him. He is known for underground operations, kidnapping and human trafficking. Beware!

IMPORTANT INFO:  No refunds will be issued for any late arrivals or for any no-shows. Please make sure to arrive 15-10 minutes early prior to your booking time.

No fee will be charged for rescheduling an appointment slot and all appointment changes must be made at least 3 hours before your scheduled play time, we do not offer cancellation refunds..

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            Alien spacecraft Invasion 

Crack the codes and save our planet from Alien invasion!

Escape Room games are the latest entertainment trend and it's finally in Santa Barbara!

Challenge your logic, teamwork skills and have a quality time with your family, colleagues and friends in the most exciting interactive game! 
Just imagine what it would be like to step out of your life into a challenge so immersive, you feel like a character in a movie. Yes, my friends... it's the Escape experience you've been waiting for! 

Whether it be a Birthday, Anniversary Party, Team Building or Corporate Event we are certainly a fun filled destination that provides a unique thrill you just can’t get anywhere else. We can arrange that at any day of the week and any time convenient for you. 
         Please contact (805) 229-9179 for arrangements and more information.