Level: 8/10

Level: 10/10

  • Location: 601 State st.
  • Location: 601 State st.

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Location: 601 State st.

Level: 9/10

Level: 8/10

  • Location: 601 State st.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   No refunds will be issued for any late arrivals or for any no-shows. Please make sure to arrive 15-10 min. early prior to your booking time, If you arrive late, it will cut into your game time. No charge for rescheduling

  ​   ​​​​ The Castle

You have discovered an abandoned castle cursed by an evil wizard, break his spell and set the Kingdom free.

 Escape from Alcatraz

You are locked up in the maximum high-security Alcatraz prison and planning your escape! You have 60 minutes to make your escape before the warden catches you. ​​

 Museum Mystery 

Detectives are seeking help from citizens to find Rembrandt's painting, which was stolen in 1991. Before the case is closed each group has one hour to use their skills to find the stolen masterpiece for a reward.

Can your team solve this case?

Grandma's Attic

​You inherited an old house from your relative that you never even knew existed. As you are spending your first night, you are finding out that there are ghosts in that house, that won’t let you out unless you play their games.